TANDEM International

TANDEM International - TANDEM Method

TANDEM International – TANDEM Method

TANDEM International is an association of independent language schools. It shares with its member schools the purpose of promoting cross-cultural awareness and understanding through in-context language learning.

The TANDEM International member schools are characterized for placing special emphasis on cultural integration as part of the language-learning process. Thus, in order to complement the language courses, they offer language exchange partnerships with local native speakers under the TANDEM® method, extra cultural and social activities, and student support to facilitate cultural immersion.

The TANDEM® method, based on the idea of the two-rider bike with which the two riders get more power getting forward by doing so together, is a collaborative, costless, communicative and intercultural language learning approach. The method’s motto is: “In order to understand each other better I help you to learn and you help me to learn.”

Most of the founding member schools of the TANDEM International network are cooperative organizations, with participative decision making as to the management of the school, as well as equitable income distribution. The TANDEM schools’ teachers are native speakers and at the beginning of TANDEM they created their own working conditions within non-profit organizations, cultural cooperatives and self employment enterprises. Currently, different types of schools are represented in the TANDEM network.

TANDEM International sets high academic and service principles through its Quality Standards, which are adopted by all its member schools. New applicant schools undergo a thorough entry inspection, including administrative, academic, managerial and service aspects. Also, member schools are re-inspected every three years. TANDEM International makes sure that each school upholds employment contracts and payment in accordance with the legal requirements and the regional standards of the school’s country.

TANDEM® is a registered trademark TANDEM International.


4 thoughts on “TANDEM International

  1. Hello, whom it may concerns.
    My name is Angeles, I am a Spanish teacher, by a random trough someone who lives in Germany, I got your link website..finding out and reading about your language schools, method.. I was wondering the opportunity to apply for job in one of your schools in Germany, Thinking to move there. Could your provide me any information what I should do..

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best Regards
    Angeles Gomez.

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