Learning Spanish with Academia Uruguay in Montevideo!

We can recommend you some flea markets you could visit during your stay in Montevideo.

The first one the Tristán Narvaja is a really traditional flea market.


It takes place every Sunday from 07.00 am till 15.00 pm. The flea market is located in the middle of the district called Cordón. Here you can find a lot of different things like leather bags or souvenirs for your friends or family.

The second flea market we can recommend you is called Villa Biarritz.


This market is very interesting if you would like to buy some clothes for yourself. You also can get other stuff here like vegetables and fruits.

It is located in the park Zorrilla de San Martín and is open every Saturday from 07.00 am till 15.00 pm

Academia Uruguay was founded in 2007 as an independent branch of Academia Buenos Aires. It’s a Spanish school which offers individual and group lessons for all levels of Spanish. They also organize special courses including classes for Spanish teachers, classes designed for Brazilian students, Spanish and Tango, and Spanish and volunteering, and many others. The school is located in a colonial building in Plaza Matriz. The school’s team is multilingual, the languages that are spoken are: Spanish, English, German, French, Italian and Portuguese.




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