Learn Spanish in Granada combined with interesting leisure activities!

Do you want to learn Spanish as well as do interesting leisure activities? Then Granada is the place for you! Combine a Spanish course in Granada city with a relaxing weekend on a nice and quiet beach!

On the Mediterranean you will hardly ever find any such undeveloped areas where mountains and nature border the sea and no hotels or resorts spoil the view. This is why we recommend these two beaches in the beautiful natural park Cabo de Gata in the province of Almeria:

Playa Playazo is about half of the protected coastline from Cabo de Gata, not far from the village of Las Negras. It is a perfect place to spend a bathing day. The water is shallow and protected.

Playa Monsul
is far away from civilization in the mountains of Cabo de Gata. This beach has plenty of space, great dunes and gorgeous soft sand. Here you can see a landscape that you will never forget.

Escuela Montalbán
has been offering Spanish language courses since 1986. Our TANDEM member school is a medium-sized language school with about 800 students per year. The school offers Spanish lessons with a variety of diverse cultural events. The school is situated in a quiet residential area in the city center. The school building with its beautiful Andalusian courtyard maintains the charme of a family home.



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