Flamenco at the Alhambra in Granada: “Poeta en Nueva York”


Granada, Generalife Gardens of the Alhambra
from 20.07. to 29.08.2015

The dancer and choreographer Rafael Amargo transformed one of the most essential poems of Federico García Lorca into a work of dance. He created the choreography for one of the most innovative flamenco shows of nowadays. Its main characteristic is unquestionably the fusion of both music and dance, of pure flamenco with contemporary trends such as Jazz and Latin music. This hybrid character –fusion– went on to become a constant feature of subsequent flamenco shows. Amargo went even further when he gave his work an audiovisual montage created by the filmmaker Juan Esterlich to complement the dance performance. The show won several prizes, including particularly the Max Prize for Scenic Arts for the best performance by Rafael Amargo.

Escuela Montalbán in Granada will offer the show “Poeta en Nueva York” during July and August as a part of the weekly schools cultural programme and in addition to the Spanish lessons. Students have the unique opportunity to enjoy this Flamenco performance whose technical and artistic level is enormous at a perfect setting , the Generalife Gardens of the Alhambra.

Learn Spanish with www.escuela-montalban.com


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