Langue Onze Toulouse: Visit our new website with a more attractive, efficient and dynamic interface!



  • A simplified menu system allowing people access to more relevant information
  • A ‘French courses’ section with a more detailed explanation of the wide range of options offered and a system to briefly compare them
  • An overview of the different types of accommodation Get full details by selecting any one of them!
  • A new ‘Cultural program’ section highlighting our calendar of proposed activities: concerts, films, guided visits to local and regional attractions…
  • A better developed ‘Toulouse’ section giving advice and practical information about the city and the Midi Pyrenees region (in the South-west of France)
  • A ‘Reviews’ section allowing students to share personal comments and give feedback on their experiences with us
  • A ‘Practical information’ section giving vital information on French administrative requirements, such as visas, Insurance, how to open a bank account…
  • … and many other services to make any stay in Toulouse an unforgettable experience!

And don’t forget! You can also follow us on Facebook  & Twitter  and visit our Youtube channel  to discover other vibrant news of Langue Onze Toulouse!


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