German courses at TANDEM Dresden

German Intensive Course 25

In the three Basic levels (A1 – B1) of our Standard-Intensive Course, you’ll learn to understand through listening and reading, pronunciation, grammar, writing, and basic vocabulary. The emphasis of the course is always to speak and make your self understood in everyday life. What’s more, you’ll become familiar with German culture, its land and people. Each level (A1, A2 etc.) is covered by a 8 week Standard Intensive Course (200 lessons). Once you’ve completed the three basic levels (A1, A2, B1 = 24 weeks) you are ready for the B1 German Certificate Test.

Intensive Summer Course
*You can book this course also with 25 lessons p.w.

If you are looking for maximum learning progress in the shortest time possible, and if you already possess some prior German knowledge, we recommend the Summer Course 30, with 6 lessons daily.
Besides the Morning Classes there are 5 x 45 min. of conversation Classes per week in the afternoon, where you will be compelled to actively participate at all times. You will research current themes and work together with students from around the globe to create presentations for land and cultural projects – always with the aid and support of your trainers. A multifaceted free time program rounds out your summer course and you can readily try out your newly gained German skills.  Field trips and excursions are organised and run by people who know Dresden well.

Integration Course 

Foreigners in Germany are required to participate in the integration course (A1 – B1 level) if he intends to remain at length in Germany the first time he applies for residency permission for work, to move with family, or on humanitarian grounds. You can find out whether the integration course is right for you by inquiring at the Ausländerbehörde. The integration courses is funded by BAMF and costs you just a little self contribution or is for free if you don´t get/have/earn much money.

DSH/TestDaF exam preparation 

Our 4 week intensive course for the DSH/ TestDaF preparation training with 25 weekly lessons is ideal for you if you have already reached a C1 level of German and would like to prepare effectively for the high demands of the DSH/TestDaf German language tests for university.  In this course, the focus is on training skills and problem solving strategies that will be demanded of you in the tests.

Evening part time courses: “After Work“ 

If you are working or studying in Dresden and you would like to learn German on the side, or if you wish to improve your German for on the job, we recommend our German Evening Course “After Work”. You can visit this profession-geared German course twice weekly for 135 minutes of classes. In this course, all the general German skills and knowledge is covered, but also language skills that you will need and can use everyday at your workplace. The lesson plans emphasize communication and are practically oriented.

Private Lesson / Business German

If you already have learned some German and now need special knowledge of  Business German for your career, we recommend our “Business German” private course.  This lesson is tailored to your specific needs. Moreover, we take into consideration your needs for specialized terminology, for example scientific, technological or medical German. The private lesson  (private lesson, intensive course) will ensure the highest learning intensity along with the most flexibility in course curriculum.

Travel Groups to Dresden 

Would you like to travel to Dresden with a school group or university group to learn German?
Are you looking for a programme tailored to all your needs and with everything included?  Then you have come to the right place! We’ve  accommodated and taught  groups  for many years and we can take on groups as large as 50 people.  Just send us an inquiry and we will put your requested package together.

German & Calligraphy 

This course  Offers you the opportunity to improve and enhance knowledge your German language through a creative and artistic activity. You can gain valuable experience in a professional environment with a famous Dresden calligrapher. You can transcribe your own or famous German texts and return home with a self made souvenir.

German & Art [Expressionism]

This course offers you German classes in the mornings and art lessons in the afternoon. You will follow the foot steps of the famous art group “Die Brücke” which was found in 1905 and initiated modern art in Europe tremendously. Under professional instruction you also do art work your self in “expressionist style” – let it be graphics or – of course all traditionally plain air.

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