Milan World Expo 2015


World Expo 2015 – Milan is worldwide recognised as the economic capital of Italy, but Milan is also the city of art, design, culture, music and fashion.

Historical buildings, masterpieces of Italian and International art, live music venues, small art-house cinemas: this is Milan with its spirit of initiative that also plays a role both in new expressive arts and in local gastronomy. All these aspects create a never ending energy within an environment of natural creativity.

One goal: to evolve, always, never stop!  Discover with us the real soul of the city. Close your eyes and imagine to unlock its doors, learn Italian at our school Il Centro while having fun. 

Music, Fashion, Shopping, Food, Art or Design …wether your passion is we are preparing for you a special Made to Measure Expo program which will meet your desire for enrichment and natural curiosity about food, culture and art!

Click here and check our Expo 2015 project: out!


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