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Language Travel: advantages of learning a language where it is spoken

Language Travel: advantages of learning a language where it is spoken

Learning a foreign language is a reliable investment, both at a professional and at a personal level. No doubt about that. You will not only score higher for job openings, but you will also be able to enlarge your social circle and enrich your cultural education.

But the advantages do not end there, as learning languages is also good for your brain. There are studies which suggest that multilingualism brings an extra advantage as it improves other skills such as learning in general, complex thinking and creativity, mental flexibility, interpersonal and communication skills, and even a possible delay in the onset of age-related mental diminishment later in life.

Now, when it comes to learning a language, language travel is the winner. Learning a language in context, in the country where it is spoken and with every aspect of the language related cultural aspects right in front of you, is simply unparalleled.

Language travel is jumping in with both feet into learning the language, as you are completely surrounded by the language lessons, not only inside the classroom but in every aspect of daily life.

The extra bonus of language travel is that, along with the language competence, you will also become culturally fluent, which will all in all enhance your intercultural communication skills.

Cherry on top: some studies claim that experiencing different cultures also enhances creativity 😉

So, if you are thinking about booking a language course abroad, rest assured that you are making a wise choice. Stay tuned for the coming posts with tips on how to choose a language school abroad.

TANDEM International e.V., association of independent language schools for the promotion of cross-cultural awareness and understanding through in-context language learning.


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